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Sales & Marketing Full Certification Program

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This is the full Sales & Marketing  Accredited Program, offering 25 courses.

In addition to offering a valuable Accreditation, this program also offers a very discounted price compared to buying each course individually.


501   Body Language Basics
502   Call Center Training
503   Coaching Salespeople
504   Contact Center Training
505   Creating a Great Webinar
506   Employee Recognition
507   Event Planning
508   High Performance Teams Inside the Company
509   High Performance Teams Remote Workforce
510   In Person Sales
511   Internet Marketing Fundamentals
512   Marketing Basics
513   Media And Public Relations
514   Motivating Your Sales Team
515   Multi-Level Marketing
516   Overcoming Sales Objections
517   Presentation Skills
518   Proposal Writing
519   Prospecting and Lead Generation
520   Sales Fundamentals
521   Servant Leadership
522   Social Media Marketing
523   Telephone Etiquette
524   Top 10 Sales Secrets
525   Trade Show Staff Training


Short Description

Accredited Program focusing on the alignment of your marketing strategy with your business goals.


Sales & Marketing Full Certification Program: ALL COURSES
  • [Lesson] Sales & Marketing Full Certification Program: ALL COURSES

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GlobalSparks Academy

GlobalSparks Academy

Administrative Skills Training, Career Development Training, Personal Development Training



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Get ready to get hired! Learn the skills you will need.

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