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Human Resources Full Certification Program

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This is the full Human Resources Accredited Program which includes 23 individual courses.

In addition to offering a valuable Accreditation, this program also offers a very discounted price compared to buying each course individually.


301   Business Succession Planning
302   Contract Management
303   Crisis Management
304   Developing a Lunch and Learn
305   Diversity and Inclusion
306   Employee Onboarding
307   Employee Recruitment
308   Employee Termination Processes
309   Generation Gaps
310   Health and Wellness at Work
311   Hiring Strategies
312   Human Resource Management
313   Managing Workplace Harassment
314   Measuring Results From Training
315   Millennial Onboarding
316   Office Health And Safety
317   Sensitivity Training
318   Talent Management
319   Train-The-Trainer
320   Universal Safety Practices
321   Workplace Diversity
322   Workplace Harassment
323   Workplace Violence



Short Description

Accredited Program offering essential tools for management roles in human resources, recruitment, risk management, etc.


Human Resources Full Certification Program
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