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Business Essentials Full Certification Program

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This is the full Entrepreneurship Accredited Program, offering 27 courses in total.

In addition to offering a valuable Accreditation, this program also offers a very discounted price compared to buying each course individually.


405   Being A Likeable Boss
601   Budgets And Financial Reports
202   Communication Strategies
303   Crisis Management
708   Customer Service
709   Customer Support
710   Cyber Security
305   Diversity and Inclusion
407   Emotional Intelligence
206   Entrepreneurship
311   Hiring Strategies
510   In Person Sales
511   Internet Marketing Fundamentals
512   Marketing Basics
209    Negotiation Skills
110   Organizational Skills
210    Personal Branding
 211   Project Management
418    Public Speaking
717    Risk Assessment and Management
520    Sales Fundamentals
422    Taking Initiative
214   The Cloud and Business
215   Time Management
524    Top 10 Sales Secrets
423   Trust Building and Resilience
424   Work-Life Balance



Short Description

A Series of 27 courses makes this Entrepreneurship Essentials Accredited Program a valuable asset with lasting effects.


Business Essentials Full Certification Program
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GlobalSparks Academy

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