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Career Development Full Certification Program

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This is the full Career Development Accredited Program, offering 16 courses.

In addition to offering a valuable Accreditation, this program also offers a very discounted price compared to buying each course individually.


201   Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
202   Communication Strategies
203   Creative Problem Solving
204   Developing Creativity
205   Digital Citizenship
206   Entrepreneurship
207   Interpersonal Skills
208   mLearning Essentials
209   Negotiation Skills
210   Personal Branding
211   Project Management
212   Telework And Telecommuting
213   Ten Soft Skills You Need
214   The Cloud and Business
215   Time Management
216   Women in Leadership


Short Description

Certified Program covering fundamental quality career development of competencies and skills.


Career Development Full Certification Program
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GlobalSparks Academy

GlobalSparks Academy

Administrative Skills Training, Career Development Training, Personal Development Training



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Get ready to get hired! Learn the skills you will need.

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