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Administrative Skills Full Certification Program

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This is the full Administrative Skills Accredited Program which includes 12 individual courses.

In addition to offering a valuable Accreditation, this program also offers a very discounted price compared to buying each course individually.


101   Accountability in the Workplace
102   Administrative Office Procedures
103   Administrative Support
104   Archiving and Records Management
105   Basic Bookkeeping
106   Business Writing
107   Collaborative Business Writing
108   Executive and Personal Assistants
109   Meeting Management
110   Organizational Skills
111   Social Media In The Workplace
112   Supply Chain Management


Short Description

Certified Program built on the fact that professional office admin is at the heart of every successful organization.


Administrative Skills Full Certification Program
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GlobalSparks Academy

GlobalSparks Academy

Administrative Skills Training, Career Development Training, Personal Development Training



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Get ready to get hired! Learn the skills you will need.

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